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Voice-over-IP is the present and future of telephony. It allows the running of telephone systems over computer networks. This permits savings on cabling infrastructure, savings on telephone systems hardware – but most importantly, an incredible amount of flexibility and features for the phone system.

We use the industry standard Asterisk VoIP system, which offers:
1. Standard music-on-hold.
2. Interactive voice menus (IVR).
3. Multi-participant conferencing.
4. Call detail recording and call contents recording.
5. Call transfers to outside numbers.

Asterisk is flexible and can easily scale up based on the needs of the organisation. As Asterisk doesn’t use hardware cards for connection to VoIP desk phones, adding extra phones to the system is simply a matter of software re-configuration in most cases – in addition to purchasing the actual phone set, of course.

Asterisk will easily scale from the smallest and simplest of setups, to some of the largest and most demanding. Large call centres around the world use Asterisk to handle their telephony needs, spread over multiple servers in complex setups to ensure redundancy and load balancing.

Asterisk can work with and connect to a number of telephony technologies:
a. It can connect to old fashioned analog (PSTN) phone lines.
b. It can interface to newer ISDN digital lines
c. It can also connect to voice-over-IP lines, such as IAX2 or SIP trunks.
d. In terms of internal phones, Asterisk can talk to modern VoIP desk phones and older analog phones (using adapter cards).

Our approach is to sit down with the client and work out which combination of the above will best fulfill their requirements and will fit with their existing setup – if that is the case. In the simplest scenario, Asterisk can provide a basic telephone system which is reliable, easy to use and cost efficient for a small organisation.

Call us or drop us an email now if you would like to find out more!

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