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In a world where more and more IT systems are moved to the Cloud, we are firm and unashamed proponents of keeping as much infrastructure, software, hardware and processes on premises.

Loss of control and inhouse expertise
While in theory cloud based systems should benefit from cost savings derived from sharing infrastructure among many users and organisations, one real pifall seems to never get mentioned in the recent push for the Cloud - and that is the loss of control for the customer. The more data, software and infrastructure is moved to the cloud, the more control is transferred to the cloud provider - and away from the customer. The customer will have less and less say over upgrade decisions and their timing, over pricing, over the amount of performance, disk space or speed alocated. Crucially, migrating out of cloud infrastructure, or from one cloud provider to another is often costly, and on occasion borderline impossible.

Savings are often short term
A lot of cloud products marketed over the last few years have been sold at or below cost prices. The idea is that once enough customers are onboard, prices can be raised and profit margings restored. Unfortunately, many budget projections at the customer end have been built on the assumption that current cloud prices will stay relatively stable. It does not look like that will be the case, and customers of some large cloud providers have already started to find at their cost that price hikes can be imposed by the cloud provider at their will, often at short notice and with very little that the customer can do about it. Price rises are alway a possiblity, but when all the infrastructure, software and data are inhouse, there is much more control and choice for the customer.

Taking back and maintaining control
For the above reasons, we are firm proponents of maintaining as much infrastructure, software and expertise in house as reasonably feasible. The risk of imposed price hikes is reduced, and there is a much greater flexibility in utilising one's own hardware - instead of being charged separately for every additional feature required, and on a recurring basis.

In house cloud can be highly cost effective
With the current availability of cheap hardware and high quality open source software, it has never been more economical to run an inhouse email server, database server, file sharing server, vpn server, VoIP telephony system or even a cctv recording system. Even better, all of the above can often be run on the same hardware - further reducing costs by sharing resources.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like to discuss either maintaining your existing inhouse IT systems, or setting up new ones.

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