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The network is the backbone of the modern business. It humms away quietly, facilitating the transmission of data between services, software, hardware, staff, customers and everything else in between. We can help with setting up, maintaining, expanding and troubleshooting networks of various types and sizes.

We can help with:

    ethernet, phone and cctv cable installation and troubleshooting
    setting up network switches, routers, wifi access points, power-over-ethernet devices
    maintaining network security using firewalls, antivirus and antispam solutions
    setting up servers - for file sharing, remote secure access, email, automated backups or spam filtering

Many cabling jobs we undertake are relatively small, but it saves having to commission and wait for cabling contractors - which is really convenient and economical for small organisations.

Call us now or drop us an email if you would like to talk about your networking needs!

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0151 733 9648
07940 348 898
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