Linux Support

Linux is a robust and reliable operating system for servers. It can be used on desktop and laptop computers as well. Linux is at the core of our server offering to small business in Liverpool. It provides a stable and secure platform for sharing files, sharing printers, processing email, providing remote encrypted access, regular backups and all other functions required from a modern server. We support and promote the deployment of Linux on servers for the following reasons:

  1. Significant savings in licensing costs and no tie-in with a particular software vendor.
  2. Linux is unaffected by Windows viruses – providing enhanced security and reliability.
  3. Linux is world famous for it security and architecture strength. A vast percentage of Internet servers, including those ran by largeĀ  international companies run Linux just for this reason. Companies such as London Stock Exchange, Amazon and Google trust their core operations to Linux just for these reasons.
  4. Reduced hardware requirements. Linux will require much less hardware capability compared to other operating systems in order to perform the same tasks. This will result in financial savings on the initial purchase of server hardware and significant savings in energy bills throughout the life of the server.
  5. Reduced maintenance effort and thus, costs. Due to it’s inherent stability, Linux requires much less ongoing support, minimising downtime and improving overall workforce efficiency.

In a typical scenario, we use Linux for:

  1. File storage and sharing using the Samba software
  2. Remote access to the inhouse server using OpenVPN SSL based connections.
  3. Email storage and processing using Exim SMTP software and Dovecot IMAP software.
  4. Calendar, contacts, to-do-list and email sharing using the Horde collaboration suite.
  5. Encrypted secure backups on portable hard-drives which can be stored off premises as required.
  6. Voice-over-IP telephony using Asterisk.