Small Business IT

User support

Technology is a two-faceted endevour. People make use of machines in order to achieve greater productivity and make goals possible. People need to understand technology sufficiently so they can make the most of software, hardware, peripherals and interfaces. We answer user queries and instruct on solving problems and using your IT systems to their full potential.

Desktops and laptops

All organisations have these and need these. They will need setting up initially and connecting to the local network and peripherals. Software gets installed, removed or upgraded on them as required. They need to be maintained when they go wrong, upgraded when necessary and disposed off in a safe and secure manner when they reach the end of life.

Mobile phones and smartphones

Mobile phones and specifically smartphones have become a major player in all organisations nowadays. Sometimes they need a basic initial, but other organisations need a tighter integration between their smartphones and their inhouse systems. We provide advice and implementation for Android, Apple and Nokia Symbian smartphones by connecting them to internal or external email, calendar and contact sources – depending on compatibility and services availability.

File Servers, email Servers, backup servers

In the era of public and private clouds, many organisations still find that there is no replacement for running in-house servers, fully under the control of the internal decision makers and not dependent on external connectivity. We install and maintain file servers, email servers, backup servers and Voice-over-IP telephony servers.

Printers, scanners and peripherals

Printers print, scanners scan and peripherals … well, peripherals do what they are supposed to do. And for most part these things work as they should – but when they break down, malfunction or simply die, they need troubleshooting, fixing or replacing. Also, we help clients at the point of purchase with advice on the most suitable models to buy for their needs and circumstances. Then we install them and make sure they work with the other devices on the network, as they should.


Like many times in real life, security is the last one on the list! And that is because it doesn’t tend to be a priority until things go wrong. We take a proactive, but flexible and customised approach to security. Networks need firewalls, computers need antivirus software, users need training and awareness and accounts need strong passwords. Those and many others! However, how much of each element that makes up the security strategy is necessary will vary, depending on the type of organisation, the size of the organisation, the industry it operates in and any other relevant factors.

If you could benefit from any of the above services and are in need of small business IT support in Liverpool area, please contact us using and we are happy to discuss things further.