Software Packages

Aside from supporting the industry standard programs and platforms, such as Microsoft Windows ™ and Microsoft Office ™, we also support a unique set of productivity applications which provide unbeatable advantages to our clients.

LibreOffice and OpenOffice

Essentially the same product (with minor differences), LibreOffice and OpenOffice are two productivity suites which offer a word processor, spreadsheet editor and presentation software. They can open and save in the corresponding Microsoft Office ™ file formats such as .doc for Microsoft Word ™ and .xls for Microsoft Excel ™.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email client and personal information management software. It can be used to manage emails, but also to manage calendars, address books and to-do lists.


For companies with more advanced needs, the Horde suite provides an advanced collaboration, calendaring and email platform. It doesn’t need Microsoft Exchange ™, but it is capable of sharing the users calendars, to-do lists and email folders as needed across the organisation.